John Kearney

July 2024 Update:

The projects showcased on my website are now three to four years old, reflecting the early stages of my journey as a web developer. Since then, I have grown significantly in my skills and expertise, continuously learning and adapting to new technologies and best practices. Despite their age, I am leaving these projects up because they demonstrate the potential and promise I had as a new web developer, highlighting the solid foundation I built upon to reach my current level of proficiency.

Who am I?

I am a former mechanical engineer turned full-stack developer. I have a diverse background that includes experience in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, supporting the International Space Station program, wine production, and viticulture. I helped create and maintain flight planning tools for NASA while working at Barrios Technology. That's when I discovered that I enjoyed programming and felt like I may have missed my calling as a developer. The seed was planted and a year later I decided to make a career change and pursue web development full time.

Go Far

Go Far is a full-stack project and a fully functional retail website. Users can search for and browse products, add them to their cart or wishlist, and conduct transactions via the PayPal API

Built using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, React, Node.js) and Bootstrap

MtG React Project

This frontend project allows users to quickly and easily browse the 20,000+ unique cards from the 28 year history of the popular card game Magic the Gathering. Users can select mutiple sets and filter cards by color / card type and then be presented with every card matching that criteria.

Built with React and Redux.

Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe is a frontend static website built with your local neighborhood restaurant in mind. It is a single page application meant to give visitors all the information they need about Northstar Cafe in one easy to navigate page full of eye catching animations and smooth transitions.

Built with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

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